Connectify Hotspot MAX Free Download [2021]

Title: Connectify Hotspot MAX 2021 Version
Developer: Connectify
OS: Windows
License: Commercial
Last Updated: Sept, 2021

Connectify Hotspot MAX Full Verison Description:


Using Connectify Hotspot, all Internet traffic appears to be coming from your computer, whether it’s coming from a connected device such as another computer, gaming console, smartphone, or smart TV. In this way, you won’t have to worry about having Internet access restrictions on your devices.

connectify hotspot

Are you using a 3G or 4G USB adapter? Are you using a tethering plan with your mobile phone? Hotspot MAX Full Edition allow you to share any Internet connection type, to keep all your devices online wherever you go, either via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet. You can even use Wi-Fi to share a VPN connection to protect all your connected devices.

Your Wi-Fi network’s range will be extended. Connectify Hotspot MAX is a repeater to increase WiFi coverage software for Windows. Gaming consoles and streaming media work just like they would on the original network.

Connectify Hotspot MAX Key Features:

  • Share Internet from WiFi Networks
  • Share Internet from Ethernet Networks
  • Share VPN connections via WiFi
  • Real-time Network Usage Monitoring by Device
  • Emoji and Unicode Support in Hotspot Names
  • Ad Blocking for Connected Clients
  • Dark Mode
  • Share Internet from 3G & 4G Networks
  • Unlimited Hotspot Uptime
  • Custom Hotspot Naming
  • Firewall Controls for Connected Devices
  • Wired Router Mode
  • WiFi Repeater Mode
  • Bridging Mode
  • Custom DHCP and IP Controls

How to install Connectify Hotspot MAX?

  1. Turn-OFF your antivirus and firewall.
  2. Download and install the setup.
  3. Go to Connectify Hotspot Folder and copy files.
  4. Paste to installation Directory. Done.

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Connectify Hotspot MAX Setup Download